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1 the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right [syn: rectification]
2 a quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure [syn: fudge factor]
3 something substituted for an error
4 a rebuke for making a mistake [syn: chastening, chastisement]
5 a drop in stock market activity or stock prices following a period of increases; "market runups are invariably followed by a correction"
6 the act of punishing; "the offenders deserved the harsh discipline they received" [syn: discipline]
7 treatment of a specific defect; "the correction of his vision with eye glasses"

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  • /kəˈɹɛkʃən/, /k@"rEkS@n/
  • Hyphenation: cor·rec·tion


  1. The act of correcting.
  2. A substitution for an error or mistake.
  3. Punishment that is intended to rehabilitate an offender.
  4. An amount or quantity of something added or subtracted so as to correct.
  5. A decline in a stock market price after a large rise.


act of correcting
substitution for an error or mistake
amount or quantity added or subtracted so as to correct
decline in a stock market price



fr-noun f

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Correction, via the identical French from the Latin corrigĕre 'to make straight (again)', is an action to rectify, to make right a wrong. It may have the following meanings:
  • To set straight an error, clarify a misunderstanding, undo resulting damage; e.g. a correction (newspaper) in a newspaper is the posting of the notice of a mistake that appeared in a past issue of a newspaper
  • To rectify an illogical state, e.g. a market anomaly as in correction (stock market).
  • As a euphemism for punishment, of various kinds, mainly physical; in institutional terminology specifically used for imprisonment, e.g. correctional facility (prison) or corrections.
  • the various duties of a corrector, a political/administrative office in classical Antiquity and still an ecclesiastical one in the Catholic Church.
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